War Rhino - Personal Four-legged Tank Edit

  • Cost: 60 Gems ($ 4 USD)
  • Power: ★★★
  • Defense: ★★★★★
  • Speed:

-Melee Tanker Pet. Strong knockback and can ram through groups of enemies.

Please note that you CANNOT buy this pet with Coins.

High def (meatshield)
Good melee
Knockback attack (ramming)
Cheapest pet


Out of the 3 common pets, This one is the toughest. The Rhino will be a walking meatsheild for you and that's exactly what you want it to be. You won't be needing a pet that can take a beating and dish it out as well. You just need attention and damage NOT on you. Your buddy Mr. Rhino will take care of that nicely. Whether it's bashing an enemy senseless into a corner or plowing everything out of your way, he can handle it. The only problem you'll be faced with is his slow speed. Being your personal four-legged tank, he moves just like a real tank. Slow and steady.

The sheer power of its crowd control makes it a mighty ally to have with you. Even if you have friends playing with you, you'll notice he comes in very handy. When damage isn't on your Battle Chef or any other support, it will give them enough time to either get some food ready or pop off some quick healing.

Never leave home without one.