Completely Missing!

The other day something very strange happened to me while I was playing with a buddy of mine. I joined up with him and noticed that my character didn't load into the game yet. So I was walking around invisible thinking that any second now I would load in and the fun would be over.

But as luck would have it, I never did. My Inferno Ghost Samurai simply never loaded in. So I ran around attacking things and gained Coins, Experience and energy for my Dungeon Buster.

Eventurally I got hit by the Heavy Attack of one of the Minataurs in this level. Which seemed to pop me back into reality. I could see my character again! Uh-oh, Something isn't quite right. My character showed an animation for getting hit but then stayed like that. He's now stuck in that animation like a statue. So once again I ran around attacking things and the only time my animation even changed slightly was when I used the final combo attack which dashes you forward towards an enemy. Laughing at this for quite some time I got an idea, RECORD THIS! SO I did just that and here you go:

Dungeon Rampage - Inferno Ghost Samurai Glitch01:36

Dungeon Rampage - Inferno Ghost Samurai Glitch

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