This Blog give ways to give money.

The number one way to collect your money is Dungeons.All dungeons give money like, destroying props, killing enemies and loot.

The Ways to give you mor money I.....


All dungeons sort by league and giving loot.

Rookie League


Knight Fortress Boss

Mechanics:Survive the Gauntlet

100 XP- Victory Loot

Their Giant Knight contain 100 coins when defeated.Their two of them.Beginner players hard to kill the Giant Knight.

Icewater Caverns Boss

Mechanics:Defeat Papa Yeti

140 XP-Victory Loot

Some players want to use this dungeon because of the quantity of the Baby Yetis.Papa Yeti summon baby yetis.Many baby yeti defeated, many coins to get.Papa Yeti show in last floor.Beginner players hard to kill Papa Yeti and also their babies.On other path going to Papa Yeti is a trap full of Baby Yetis.Players also want to go in other path.

Dark Barrow Dungeons (1-1 - 1-4)

165-260 XP-Victory Loot

These Dungeons give many coins and XPs.Because many traps full of skeleton warriors.Few players want to use this dungeon.Some players don't know about this.Beginner players hard to kill skeleton warriors.

Dark Barrow Boss

Mechanics: Defeat the Ghost Samurai

295 XP-Victory Loot

Few players use this dungeon to earn many coins because of many traps even defeating Ghost Samurai.Beginner players hard to defeat ghost samurai even traps!

Twisted Jungle Boss

Mechanics:Defeat the Lava Golem using water

565 XP-Victory Loot

This Dungeon is the hardest dungeon in all dungeons in Rookie League.5 out of 25 players don't want to play because it so hard.When many players finish all dungeons.The count "5" will go down until "1".

Gladiator League


Prisoner Keep Boss

Mechanics:Defeat the Elite Juggernauts

925 XP-Victory Loot

This dungeon is one of the great tip for getting coins fasster because of the traps full of Shirtless Knights.You can kill enemies up to 100 enemies! Many Players want to play this dungeon to level up and collect coins faster.

Battleheim Boss

Mechanics:Defend the Princesses

1375 XP-Victory Loot

This Dungeon needs four players.Every wave spawn enemies many.Beginner players hard to defend princesses especially if you alone! Few Players want to play this dungeon because they have deadlier weapons.This dungeon also give many coins like Prisoner Keep Boss.

Cretaceous Park Dungeons (1-1 - 1-7)

1460 - 1820 XP-Victory Loot

These Dungeon have great enemies like tiki mens.These also give many gold because of minotaurs.Few Players want to play these dungeons because of the minotaurs also... joining.Beginners hard to finish these dungeons.

Cretaceous Park Boss

Mechanics:Help the Chef by killing Dinglepus's Sorcerers.

1915 XP-Victory Loot

This dungeon need four players.Defeat Dinglepus's Sorcerers is hard especially Beginner players.If your weapons are deadly, play multiple times to collect many money.This dungeon also high in Dungeon Buster Stars so you can perform you hero's Dungeon Buster.

Frostgaard Boss

Mechanics:Defeat the Frost Troll!

2435 XP-Victory Loot

This dungeon also need four players.Defeating the Frost Troll is hard.Good thing when you hero is ranged.This Frost Troll also in GrindHouse Levels.This Dungeon gives many coins.Some players want to play this dungeon several times.This dungeon is hardest in Gladiator League.

Champion League


Now, No beginners were written.These League really really need four players.

Knight Fortress Boss

Mechanics:Survive the Gauntlet

3015 XP-Victory Loot

Defeat different waves until you got a loot.Few players want to play several times because of quantity of Dinglepus's Berseckers.

Lost Ruins Dungeons (1-1 - 1-6)

3140-3795 XP-Victory Loot

15 out of 25 players don't want to play these dungeons because of the quantity of arrowbots and tiki mens.These dungeons full of traps.For me, these dungeons are the hardest dungeons in Champion League.

Lost Ruins Boss

Mechanics:Go at the Victory Gate to get loot

3935 XP-Victory Loot

This Dungeon is only boss level without thropy.This dungeon also a fast collecting of XP and coins.Same in Lost Ruins Dungeons, many quantiity of Arrowbots and tiki mens.

Dark Barrows Boss

Mechanics:Defeat the Vampire Hunter

3795 XP-Victory Loot

This Dungeon is #1 in collecting money fast and XP because of quantity of enemies.The enemies are Specters, Skeleton Armies and two Berserkers.Defeating Vampire Hunter is hard because of her crossbows, traps and Garlic Nukes.

Icewater Caverns Boss

Mechanics:Defeat the Ice Dragon

5135 XP-Victory Loot

This dungeon known as the hardest dungeon on three leagues.This also a good collecting of coins and XPs.Good attacking when your hero is range.

The Grindhouse


This league has a great collection of coins and XPs.All Dungeons Have 2 Floors

Name of a environment Number Victory Loot
Knight Fortress 3-1 5295 XP
Battleheim 2-1 5295 XP
Norse Nightmare 5460 XP
Icewater Caverns 3-1 5460 XP
Prisoner's Keep 4-1 5625 XP
Twisted Jungle 2-1 5795 XP

Dark Barrows

3-1 5795 XP
Cretaceous Park 2-1 5965 XP
Knight Fortress 3-2 5965 XP
Battleheim 2-2 6140 XP
Icewater Caverns 3-2 6140 XP
Prisoner's Keep 4-2 6315 XP
Twisted Jungle 2-2 6315 XP
Dark Barrows 3-2 6315 XP
Cretaceous Park 2-2 6495 XP
Ultimate Rampage contain a hardest dungeon and also a greatest collecting coins.You also test you might and overall your friends all over the world.Every 2 floors the added a modifier for enemies.Ultimate Rampage is shown in different environments while completing all leagues and grindhouse.


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