Thinking Legendary Weapons? You don't need to memorize all the weapons. Just visit any Weapons page and look for Legendary Weapons Section.


Ivan Clemente always memorize all the Legendary Weapons.So he decide to create a section called "Legendary Weapons".

-I decide to create a section Legendary Weapons to see the other players and contributors to make the contributors know all the weapons.

-Ivan Clemente (talk) 07:45, June 13, 2013 (UTC)

How to create Legendary Weapons Section

If you want to create your own Legendary Weapons Section, This is how:

  1. Click "EDIT" Button.
  2. Click Heading 2 at the font table or click the Source Mode and press{ ==Legendary Weapons==}.
  3. Add some Description
  4. After you press, click "Table" at "Add feautures and media
  5. Finish the Table.The steps for creating Table is below after this Steps
  6. If the Table is finished, click the top left of the table and press # and then, Press "TAB" or click the next box.Then write "Name" and then, click "TAB" or click then next box.Then write "Type".After that click the 2nd row and name.
  7. Fill it.

​If you finished, it look like this

Legendary Weapon

This is the list of Legendary Bows.Each weapon has a name.

# Name Type
1 True Shot Short Bow
2 Onyx Bow Normal Bow
3 Artemis Bow Long Bow

You must fill correctly.Each wrong you have, will have wrong information.

Row and Columns are only you change.Dont change anything except for Row and Columns.

  1. How many weapon types? Click how many and add 1.The 1 is the Name for the Weapons
  2. On Columns, Click 3.This is for Number, Legendary Weapon Name and Weapon Type

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