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  • Ivan Clemente

    Thinking Legendary Weapons? You don't need to memorize all the weapons. Just visit any Weapons page and look for Legendary Weapons Section.

    Ivan Clemente always memorize all the Legendary Weapons.So he decide to create a section called "Legendary Weapons".

    -I decide to create a section Legendary Weapons to see the other players and contributors to make the contributors know all the weapons.

    -Ivan Clemente (talk) 07:45, June 13, 2013 (UTC)

    If you want to create your own Legendary Weapons Section, This is how:

    1. Click "EDIT" Button.
    2. Click Heading 2 at the font table or click the Source Mode and press{ ==Legendary Weapons==}.
    3. Add some Description
    4. After you press, click "Table" at "Add feautures and media
    5. Finish the Table.The steps for creating Table is …

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  • Ivan Clemente

    All in One

    May 5, 2013 by Ivan Clemente

    Dungeon Ramapage Wiki and Dungeon Rampage is awesome.

    Dungeon Rampage is a hack -n- slash, dungeon crawler that's heavily inspired by popular titles such as Blizzard’s Diablo series, Gauntlet and the Behemoth's Castle Crashers . Players take control of a hero and battle their way through a series of randomly-generated dungeons with up to four friends in an attempt to level up, acquire loot and defeat as many monsters as possible.

    Last April 27, 2013 Dungeon Rampage Wiki shown in Application Page of Dungeon Rampage and they share a link.

    This link is a helpful one for the wiki.They give attention for visiting this Wiki.

    When you want to give more knowlege to this wiki, don't spam and vandalism.

    If the Dungeon Rampage show this link again, thank …

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  • Ivan Clemente

    The number one way to collect your money is Dungeons.All dungeons give money like, destroying props, killing enemies and loot.

    The Ways to give you mor money I.....

    All dungeons sort by league and giving loot.

    Mechanics:Survive the Gauntlet

    100 XP- Victory Loot

    Their Giant Knight contain 100 coins when defeated.Their two of them.Beginner players hard to kill the Giant Knight.

    Mechanics:Defeat Papa Yeti

    140 XP-Victory Loot

    Some players want to use this dungeon because of the quantity of the Baby Yetis.Papa Yeti summon baby yetis.Many baby yeti defeated, many coins to get.Papa Yeti show in last floor.Beginner players hard to kill Papa Yeti and also their babies.On other path going to Papa Yeti is a trap full of Baby Yetis.Players also want to go in …

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