Ultimate Palace is a special level that was not launched for unknown reasons Rampage Ultimate (not approved, unfinished test, etc). This level doesn't appear on the list of Rampage Ultimate levels, but this level still exists.

The only way to go to this level is hacking to enter. Take into account that this does not appear on the map, so yes or yes need to hack.

There is no way to enter Palace without hacking, there are no bugs, glitches, or secret passages or anything to unlock it without hacks.


  • The enemies of this level are Knight fortress enemies.
  • When you are in the floor 1, you start the level with 2 Kill Switches (No Regen and Ligtning Bombs).
  • You can go to Ultimate Palace ONLY with hacks.
  • The decorations on this level are different as Knight Fortress or another levels.
  • This level doesn't appear on the map, and this doesn't have a leaderboard.
  • This level is the key to get ALL cups in Dungeon Rampage, with a total of 220 cups.
  • Every floor (to floor 4) is added new Kill Switches.
  • When you hack Dungeon Rampage to unlock Ultimate Palace, this are located in the Tutorial Level (Rokie League). This is the unique level that doesn't located on Ultimate Rampage Island.
  • Ultimate Palace's Kill Switches never change when a week ends.


  • Ultimate Palace's Crashed Out!
  • Another start zone of Palace.
  • Another Pacale's corridor.
  • Golden Dinglepus' statues and a throne.
  • Another start point of Ultimate Palace.
  • Ultimate Palace's decorations (jars, tables, chairs, cells, etc).
  • Another start point of Palace.
  • Knight Statues on Palace.
  • An Ultimate Palace corridor.
  • A start point of Ultimate Palace.
  • A player in floor 16.
This is the Ultimate Palace's Gallery.

In this section, we will show you some pictures took in Palace. If you have curious about the appearance of the level, this is the place to know how is the Palace!