Modifiers are special abilities that are attached to weapons when you purchase or open a chest.






Common WeaponsEdit

Common weapons from common chests give zero modifiers. Weapons given out from this chest has no aura color. You can unlock the common chest with 1000 Coins to receive a common weapon.The Vintage Weapons are also common weapons because during the beta-version, there are no modifiers.

Uncommon WeaponsEdit

Uncommon weapons from uncommon chests give one modifier. Weapons given out from this chest will have a blue aura. You can unlock the uncommon chest with 4000 Coins to obtain an uncommon weapon.It has ★ to ★.

Rare WeaponsEdit

Rare weapons from rare chests gives two modifiers. Weapons given out from this chest will have a gold aura. You can unlock the rare chest with 20000 Coins to obtain a rare weapon.It has  to

Legendary WeaponsEdit

Legendary Chest, will give two modifiers as well as a character modifier. Weapons given out from this chest will have a purple aura. The character modifier has no star and boost other aspects of your character such as defense or more coins. You can unlock legendary chests with 125000 Coins.It has ★ to

A modifier can have up to five stars to it. The more stars it has, the more effective it is. 

Modifier Names Based on StarsEdit

# Description
1 Vicious Barbaric Brutal Nefarious Monstrous Hits let you do critical damage.
2 Critical Crucial Decisive Severe Dire Hits chance to give you 100% extra damage.
3 Piercing Double-Pircing Triple-Piercing Quad-Piercing Uber-piercing  Projectile pierces straight through first enemies
4 Hitback Knockback Smackback Blowback Blastback Knock enemies back in inches
5 Speedy Fast Sprightly Swift Speedy Attack faster.
6 Chargey Charge attacks quickly.
7 Noxious Sickening Infectious or Poisonous Poisoning Toxic Poison enemies in 8 seconds with high additional damages.
8 Chaining Double-Chaining Triple-Chaining Quad-Chaining Projectiles Chain through enemies.
9 Clever  Studious  Clever Studious Brilliant Use less mana
10 Brute's Giant's Orc's Troll's Mammoth's Bigger and Massive hits.
11 Slowing On hit, the foe's movement speed decreases for certain amount of time.
12 Stunning Dazing Muddling Paralyzing Stun enemies.
13 Sticky Hampering Lagging Holding  Suspending Slow enemy attacks.
14 Burning Sizzling Flaming Searing Blazing Puts enemies on fire.
15 Cook's Gastronomist's Gourmand's Friturier Chance to get food when hitting enemies.
16 Saucier Grillardin Saucier Epicure Chance to spawn food when killing enemies.
17 Hasty Snappy Sprightly Enconomic Attacks cooldown faster.
18 Sturdy Beefy Hearty Mighty Unyielding Deals extra damage
19 Chilling Cooling Freezing Biting On hit, the foe give ice conditions.
20 Pull Puller Yank Trapper Pulls enemies closer
21 Zapping Electrifying Shocking Energizing Shock enemies in any seconds.

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Ultimate Rampage Modifiers
Ultimate Rampage also have modifiers every 2 floors. Every time you go in every other floor, a modifiers is added, with up to four at once. This will further better the enemies making the floor more challenging.
# Prize Modifier Count
2 Item box +900 Coins 1
4 Royal Item Box +3600 Coins 2
7 Rare Chest +28800 Coins 3
10 Legendary Chest + 230400 Coins 4
Ultimate Rampage Modifier List
Name of Modifier Type Description
Busted Buster Special All Dungeon Buster Stars are no longer to exist
Nemesis Unit Run!
Spectral Harassment Unit An annoying specter follows you around
Miniboss Mayhem Unit All enemies are now minibosses
Lightning Orbs Enemy's Special Enemies have a chance when being hit to spawn lightning orbs
Poison Gas Special Who farted? Poison damage over time
Beefy Bros. Enemy's Special Enemies deal 50% damage
Swift Attacks Enemy's Special Enemies attack 50% faster
No CRITS Special Heroes no longer deal critical hits
Scary Speed Special Enemies move twice as fast
Dangerous Props Special All props in dungeon spawn bombs on death
Freeze Bombs Enemy's Special

Defeated enemies have a chance to drop freeze bombs

Dangerous Deaths Enemy's Special Defeated enemies have a chance to drop deadly bombs
Iron Armor Enemy's Special All enemies resist melee damage
Quick Reflexes Enemy's Special All enemies resist shooting damage
Arcane Resistance Enemy's Special All enemies resist magic damage
Health Scare Special Food no longer drops!
Mana Migraine Special Mana Drinks no longer drops
Thick Skin Immunity Projectiles no longer pierce enemies
Sticky Feet Immunity Enemies are immune to pull
Chill Immunity Immunity Enemies are immune to chill
Poison Immunity Immunity Enemies are immune to poison damage
Stun Immunity Immunity Enemies are immune to stun
Slow Immunity Immunity Enemies are immune to slow
Shock Immunity Immunity Enemies are immune to shock
Cripple Immunity Immunity Enemies are immune to cripple
Slow Immunity Immunity Enemies are immune to slow
Flame Armor Immunity Enemies are immune to flame

Type Name List

# Type Name Description
1 Immunity The enemy have resistance.Each modifier you have, it has a immunity except for 3rd modifier at legend weapons and Bigger and massive hits modifier.You must change your weapon to change the modifier.
2 Special The dungeon's special.You must change anything when dangerous props.Use throwing weapons, ranged weapons to break the props and use chat to give attention player too.Healing Scroll and fast going gate is the only way to prevent the Poison Gas.
3 Enemy's Special The enemy's special modifier.When enemy hit or defeated, you must run before the bomb or orb came to you.Always use throwing weapons or ranged weapons.
4 Unit The enemies' worse special.Use Throwing Weapons, Seeker Crossbows or Ranged Weapons also use stuff with dash and boost scrools. If a hero don't have?.....RUN!