The lost ruins are famed for being terrified and feared by most rampagers.It was discovered long ago during the times the monsters from Dungeon Ramoage were created.The monsters/enemies in the lost ruins have proven to be almost as tough as those in the grindhouse.The  power of the monsters who dwell inside the lost ruins overwhelmed many rampagers.Many have fallen and died during the battle.The lost ruins are open to those only who have proven their strength to beat the Gauntlet.Only champions have defeated the dungeons of the ancient ruins.The lost ruins are only accesable after the Gauntlet,found in "1-1" to "1-7".There are a total of dungeons.It only seems that the ghost samurai finds it easy to finish the dungeons of the famed lost ruins.Can you survive the apocalypse created by the monsters who dwells in the lost ruins?-By  Mad Pyromancer.