A flexible weapon used by many classes.  Different varieties of swords can be used  as a primary weapon or a powerful cooldown strike.  

Sword Types:Edit

Charging Doubleswing Swords:Edit

Light sword.  Normal swing speed with a combo hit.Slashes once long and once wide.

  • Knight's Sword
  • Soldier Sword

Long Swords:Edit

A Sword with a cooldown for the tap swing. Tap hit propels the user backward while swinging in a narrow but long swing.Very similar to the Broadsword's cooldown hit except it propels forward and without a cooldown.  If timed right, this move will connect twice.

  • Broadsword
  • Brute Sword
  • Pirate Sword

Short Swords:Edit

Light sword. Fast swing with combo hit.This move hits a narrow line of enemies twice and slows for about 1 second.

  • Assassin Sword
  • Houndstooth Sword
  • Needle Sword

Laser Swords:Edit

Light swords with the fastest swing speed of all the swords.  Generally depicted as light sabers, these swords are the choice for people who prefer to rapidly slash the upcoming hordes.

  • Power Saber
  • Laser Sword
  • Positron Epee
  • Beam Sword

Charge and Tap Edit

This are the list of Charge and Tap of the Swords.

Sword Type Charge Tap
Charge Double Swing Sword Normal swing with a combo hit. Charge up and release this attack to dash forward and deliver a two-hit slash!
Long Sword Tap to dash backwards and unleash a giant forward slash.Great for escaping!

Charge up and release to dash forward and unleash a giant slash!  Great for initiating!  

Slowing Stab Sword Fast Swing with a combo hit Charge up and release to slash enemies, slowing them.
Laser Sword Tap to execute a brazingly fast combo, dashing forward with each attack!  N/A

Legendary WeaponsEdit

These are the list of Legendary Swords.Each sword has a name.

# Name Type
1 Annie's Blade Laser Sword
2 Claidheamh Mor Long Sword
3 Sky Splitter Charge Double Swing Sword
4 The Stinger Short Sword