Meat Cleavers are an exclusive weapon only for Battle Chef.  They work as their primary melee attack, offering combo attacks at a variety of speeds and damages.  All cleavers offer a Repeating attack instead of a Charge, slicing faster at the cost of a constant mana drain.

There's a vintage weapon called "Bacon Beater" is a Vintage Weapon Cleaver that your hero can heal.But this cleaver is not available.This weapon is available when beta-version.

Cleaver TypesEdit

Light CleaversEdit

Light cleavers offer the fastest attack speed and are often depicted as curved knives.  Their Combo attacks are lightning quick and make the Chef take a step forward as they swing.

  • Cooking Knife
  • Finger Dicer
  • Speed Slicer
  • 5 Star Knife

Normal CleaversEdit

Normal cleavers are the middle ground of the cleavers.  They are often depicted as a triangular cleavers and have an average attack speed on their Combo attack.  

  • Pig Destroyer
  • Pork Pulverizer

Heavy CleaversEdit

Heavy Cleavers are the high damage cleavers, often shown as rectangular meat cleavers.  Their slow swing keeps the Chef in place while causing massive damage.

  • Meatloaf Maker

Tap and HoldEdit

This is information about Tap and Hold on Cleavers

Tap Hold
Tap to execute a combo, dashing forward on each attack! Hold to attack faster and faster

All cleavers have same tap and hold attack!

Legendary WeaponsEdit

This is the list of Legendary Cleavers.Each weapon has a name.

# Name Type
1 Porky's Revenge Normal Cleaver
2 The Eviscerator Heavy Cleaver

Dragon Dicer

Light Cleaver