He's a King. He's your Lord. And, He's evil!

Meet the main villian of the game, Lord Dinglepus.

Your jounery is an adventure through his dungeons as you take part in the Dungeon Fight. You're bribed by a young girl with a chest full of riches since her outcry of her lost dog (which was eaten by henchmen number 3) didn't move your heart.

Now you will fight your way through every beasty he can throw at you. His hobby is strange and his assortment of monsters is large.(he can't control all of them however)

What awaits you at the end of this? Only one way to find out. Let the Dungeon Rampage begin!

You first see this overly dramatic King during the Turtorial Dungeon Cinamatic.

You later see his ugly mug every time you die.
Dinglepus taunt