The Sorcerer's Magic.We have 3 Sorcerer's Magic we discovered.

Tap and HoldEdit

This is information about ap and Hold on Lighning Magic

# Tap Hold Type
1 Unleash a giant arc of energy! N/A Shockwave Book
2 Tap to release a bolt of lightning chain! Strikes 2 enemies! Charge up to release 2 bolt of lighning chain! Strikes 4 enemies! Lightning Book
3 Tap to release a bolt from sky! Strikes nearby enemies! Charge to release a thunder cloud and shock enemies in a line. Thunderbolt Book

The Lighning Book must be N/A but we discovered that the charge of lighning book is realeasing 2 lighning bolts.Please Report to Ivan Clemente what is wrong!

Legendary WeaponsEdit

This is information about Legendary Magic.Each weapon has a name.

# Name Type
1 Advanced Principles of Lightning Magicks Shockwave Book
2 The Bolt-Onomicon Lighning Book
3 "Thunderstorms and You" by Nikola Thunderbolt Book