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Welcome! This guide's purpose is to help but New and Old players with one common goal. To level up your Heroes to Level 100.

We're sorry, this guide is not completed yet. Please try again another time. MasterOfLazyness 06:43, August 10, 2012 (UTC)


Added for you!

Ivan Clemente (talk) 09:53, May 4, 2013 (UTC)

Dungeon Rampage - Dungeon Rampage - Lv 100 Pyromancer Easy Leveling03:30

Dungeon Rampage - Dungeon Rampage - Lv 100 Pyromancer Easy Leveling

It's now marked with a Trophy Icon. That means it has been completed. You might have noticed that while you're in town you can see the same Trophy Icon at the top of the screen. For every boss you beat it will be increased by 1. This counts for each and every Hero. That Same amount of Trophies is shown at the Victory Screen for other players to see how many you have. Think of it as a Rank of number of accomplishments.

Suggested leveling Areas

Rookie League Experience Grinding

Any Twisted Jungle (1-1 uo to 1-5)

Just keep playing the Twisted Jungle maps and you should be able to level up enough to easily defeat the Twisted Jungle Boss.

Another possible option is to do Boss runs until you're ready.

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