In this page we show you details about the Kill Switches which are added every 2 floors in Ultimate Rampage.

NOTE: Every floor the enemies are more stronger! Be careful!

Icon Name Description
No Regen. No Regen Hero health and mana regeneration is disabled.
Poison Gas Poison Gas Who farted? Poison damage over time.
Dangerous Deaths Dangerous Deaths Defeated enemies have a chance to drop bombs.
Busted Buster Busted Buster Busted points no longer drop!
Big Boned Big Boned Enemies are immune to knockback.
Thick Skin Thick Skin Projectiles no longer pierce enemies.
Spectral Harassment Spectral Harassment An annoying specter follows you around.
Slow Immunnity Slow Immunity Enemies are immune to slow.
Chill Immunity Chill Immunity Enemies are immune to chill.
Quick Reflexes Quick Reflexes Enemies resist shooting damage.
Arcane Resistance Arcane Resistance Enemies resist magic damage.
Nemesis Nemesis Run.
Mana Migraine Mana Migraine Mana drinks no longer drop!
Dangerous Props Dangreous Props All props in dungeon spawn bombs on death.
Freeze Bombs Freeze Bombs Defeated enemies have a chance to drop freeze bombs.
Flame Armor Flame Armor Enemies resist fire damage.
Poison Immunity Poison Immunity Enemies resist poison damage.
Beefy Bros Beefy Bros Enemies deal 50% extra damage.
Stun Immunity Stun Immunity Enemies are immune to stun.
Slow Immunity Slow Immunity Enemies are immune to slow.
Cripple Immunity Cripple Immunity Enemies are immune to cripple.
Lightning Bombs Lightning Bombs Enemies have a chance when being hit to spawn lightning orbs.
Scary Speed Scary Speed Enemies move twice as fast.
Shock Immunity Shock Immunity Enemies are immune to shock.
Swift Attacks Swift Attacks Enemies attack 50% faster.
Iron Armor Iron Armor Enemies resist melee damage.
Slippery Slippery Enemies are immune to root.
Health Scare Health Scare Food no longer drops!
Miniboss Mayhem Miniboss Mayhem All enemies are now minibosses!
No crits No Crits Heroes no longer deal critical hits.
Sticky Fett Sticky Feet Enemies are immune to pull.