Keys and ChestsEdit

The Keys is used to open Chests, in the game are 4 different types of keys:

  1. Common Key.
  2. Uncommon Key.
  3. Rare Key.
  4. Legendary Key.

The Item Boxes don't have keys.

Keys CostsEdit

Key Name Key Cost (Coins) Cost (Gems)
Common Key DR-CommonKey 1000Gold 500% 5 Gem 500%
Uncommon Key DR-UncommonKey 4000 Gold 500% 20 Gem 500%
Rare Key DR RARE KEY SM 20000 Gold 500% 60 Gem 500%
Legendary Key DR LEGEND KEY SM 125000 Gold 500% 150 Gem 500%

Old Key SystemEdit

There used to be a restriction stopping you from playing as much as you could or wanted. You were required to have Keys in order to advance to the next dungeon. If you ran out of keys for the day you would have to wait. After a period of time you would've been given another key to continue your Dungeon Rampage.

These Keys had nothing to do with opening Chests but Gates instead.