Katanas are the samurai's most powerful and prideful weapons.

Katanas TypeEdit

Teleport KatanaEdit

Light katana.This katana is great for escaping and over run enemies.

AoE KatanaEdit

Light katana.This katana is great for hitting or killing enemies in a large area.

Ground Strike KatanaEdit

A katana that use to Strike Ground's And Enemie's Nearby.

Tap and Hold Edit

This is information about the "Tap and Hold" in Katanas.

# Tap Hold Katana Type
1 Tap to execute a high speed combo moving forward at each attack Charge and release to teleport cuting all enemy in your way Teleport Katana
2 Tap to execute a normal speed combo Charge and release to hit all enemys in a large area around you using the power of your soul. AoE Katana
3 Tap to execute slow combo Charge and release send a line of powerfull strike throught the ground Ground Strike Katana

Legendary WeaponsEdit

This is the list for Legendary Katanas.Each weapon has a name.

# Name Type
1 Kusanagi Teleport Katana
2 Shichiseiken Ground Strike Katana
3 Muramasa AoE Katana