Katana are the samurai's most powerful and prideful weapons.

Katana TypesEdit

Light Katana

"Bewilder enemies with your speed with this light katana"

Charge attack: dash forward and quickly release a 4 combo thrust at enemies. 

  • Kusanagi

Regular KatanaEdit

A powerful katana specializing in wide swings to bring down multiple enemies at once. 

Charge attack: a powerful aoe attack strike nearby enemies. Charge quote: Charge and release to strike nearby enemies with the powerful of your soul.

  • Muramasa

Heavy KatanaEdit

A heavy katana that strikes with incredible damage but requires intense focus to master.

Charge attack: strike forward and release a shockwave (projectile) that continuously strike enemies (sometimes it not). Charge qutote: Charge and release to strike the ground and release a powerful shockwave forward!

  • Samurai Edge

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