Ghost Samurai
Ghost Samurai
Death before dishonor (literaly)! The Ghost Samurai wonders the earth seeking vengance on his killer. An expert swordman, few can withstand his phantom katana technique.








Melee Damage


240000 Coins or 50 Gems ($3 USD)


Usable WeaponEdit


The Ghost Samurai is an excellent melee fighter with a strong, fast attack and mediocre defenses. The Ghost Samurai can equip Katanas and Swords, with both being equally good.  The Samurai has a special called the Shadow Strike which is executed after five Katanas slashes. This will perform a forward dash with the sword in front, dealing damage. This little addition, if used correctly, can help deal extra damage and help move the player when surrounded.

Having the greatest raw physical power in the game makes the Ghost Samurai a great hero to play as. Paired with a Berserker or two provide enough coverage while the player can dish heavy damage. Samurais are defensivly weak and can fall easy, so rushing into combat recklessly will be rewarded with defeat. The Samurai should always be able to escape from combat and heal before re-engaging. Reconsider your speed advantage in escaping ambushes.


You have four different attributes available to train and only two of them can be maximum:

Melee Power increases your damage.

Spirit Power gives you mana regeneration and a boost to your attack speed.

Movement Speed increases your movement speed.

Max Health increases your total health. Recommendations,  The most common and recommended build is and it helps you last longer in ultimate rampage:

  • Melee Power 50/75 Points.(BALANCED)
  • Spirit Power 75/75 Points.(MAXED)
  • Movement Speed 0/75 Points.
  • Max Health 75/75 Points.(MAXED)

Buyer's NotesEdit

Do NOT buy coins with gems to get him, it is much cheaper with gems to just buy him with gems.

If you don't want to spend money to get him try completing one of the many ways to get FREE GEMS.

There is lots of easier way to get it, you can try prison's keeper, dark barrow (defeat the vampire hunter) and ultimate rampage and they are all boss, if ultimate rampage is hard, try other dungeon to help you.

To do so, Click the ADD button next to the Gems Counter. Then a buy menu will pop up, don't worry about it. Next, go down to the bottom and you will see "Don't want to buy gems? EARN Gems". Click Earn gems and complete one of the avaliable options that are actually 'free'.


The basic look for the Ghost Samurai is called Classic Ghost Samurai. Ghost Samurai's can have several different skins: