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  1. 1500DR-Gems Gems are Dungeon Rampage's CASH currency also known as Real-Life Money. Gems are sold in the following packs:


Players cannot find gems in dungeons or but you can win them by chance from Chests, Daily Bonus and Item Boxes. Gems can also be earned by signing up for deals (through Facebook) and by doing surveys. Players can use gems to purchase Coin Packs,Exclusive Hero, Exclusive Weapons, Hero Skins, Pets, Consumable Items/Boosters, Skill Retrain and Storage Increases.

The Gems also chance to get offers like the Dragon Knight.Dragon Knight is a Starter Offer by Dungeon Rampage.

Any player willing to spend money for Gems will often be better off than any player who doesn't. Since skills are based on the weapon and the weapon is based on level requirement and or cost.

The weapons that are Premium Weapons will always come with either high attack damage or an elemental effect such as Fire, Poison, Ice or Electricity. These Premium Weapons are only bought with Gems.

To get gems you can pay with master card, american express, paypal, mobile number credits and facebook card (facebook card is only used on facebook)


Dragon Knight is a free hero when you buy gems

Dungeon BucksEdit

There was another Cash currency before Dungeon Rampage ever had Gems, it was called Dungeon Bucks.

These would be close to (if not exactly the same) as Facebook Credits. The change to Gems was made January 4th 2012.

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