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Please Give Me 100000 Geme
Gem 500%


Gems is the second as well as the most valuable currency in Dungeon Rampage. It is used for purchasing pets, items, chests, keys, heros, styles etc.

How to get GemsEdit

You can open any chest to receive gems or earn free gems(currently does not work). . The quantity depends on which chest you open.

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Do not request gems hack here. It is not possible to hack gems. You can only get free gems from chests

Chests Presumed Gem Count Edit

Common Chest (Brown) : 100000 gems

Uncommon Chest (Blue) : 100000 gems

Rare Chest (Yellow) : 100000 gems

Legendary chest (Purple) : 100000

Item Box : 500 gems

Royal Item Box = 1000 gems

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