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Gem 500%


"Purchase these and use them to unlock exclusive characters, weapons, and items in the shop".

Description fallen valkyrieEdit

With the Gems, you can buy heroes, you can unlock new styles of heroes, buy Pets, buy Bombs, keys, Packs, Slots, Chests and Stuffs!

Ways to get Gems 10000Edit

  1. Purchasing Gems clicking in "Add" Gems button.
  2. Opening Chests, the Common Chests drops 25 Gems, the Uncommon Chests drops 50 Gems, the Rare Chests drops 100 Gems and the Legendary Chests drops 150 Gems!

Trivia Edit

  • The Gems only have 2 ways to get, Purchasing gems or opening Chests.
  • With the Gems you can buy everything on the Shop and in the Tabern!

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