Frying Pan Weapons have a wide 180 degree swing area hitting multiple enemies similar to a Berserker's Hammer.  The heavier types of frying pans have a higher base damage and a longer cooldown.

Fry Pan TypesEdit

Need a Chef with more knowledge of the sub-types of pans to sort this out.

Normal Pan

  • Killit Skillet

    Frying Pan- What's for dinner? Destruction, that's what!

  • Knockback Pan

Fast Pan

  • Frying Pan

Heavy PanEdit

  • Battle Pan
  • Hot Rod Fryer

Tap and HoldEdit

This is information about "Tap and Hold" on Frying Pan Weapons.

# Tap Hold Type
1 Tap to bust some skulls in front of the Chef! N/A Normal Pan
2 Tap to quickly bust some skulls in front of the Chef! N/A Fast Pan
3 Tap to strongly bust some sakulls in front of the chef! N/A Heavy Pan

All Frying Pan Weapons don't have hold attacks.

Legendary WeaponsEdit

This is information about Legendary Frying Pans.Each weapon has a name.

# Name Type
1 Gordon's Pan Heavy Pan
2 Frying Pan Fast Pan
3 Hot Rod Fryer Normal Pan