Dungeon rampage is a flash player, meaning it is easy to hack. It looks easy but hard. There is many hacks, EG wallhack, cool down, buster, key etc. The best browers to hack dungeon ramapge is Mozilla Firefox because there is two link to hack it. Chrome you have sooo many chrome link to select.

why don't trust hack tools Edit

Most player go on google and type in "dungeon rampage hack". i list of website comes up and mostly it hack tools. The reason why dont trust hack tool is that mostly you have to complete a survey and at the end its a fake you had been tricked by the survey. 

Then there is password, you download the files and installed the files, you open up the files and it says enter password by going to this website to download the password and then you click to download the password document and then it turns out you need to complete the password.

Then there is virus, which can effect your computer system and then stuff your computer after you download it and installed it. Then your computer goes funny. The finally one is the hack tool not working. 

Cheating Engine Edit

Cheating Engine is great for hacking games and making the game easier for you to play but when you download cheat engine it also download useless thing into your PC. When you use cheat engine to hack game and then you load the game to play, it laggs because your FPS ( Frame Per Second ) is low.

Wall hack using Cheating Engine  Edit

This cheats is great for Ultimate ramage, this cheats making only the player who hacked it walking through walls but this lagg your game. 


  1. open your dungeon ramapge, go to any ultimate map. click friends only
  2. don't click battle yet
  3. after that open your cheat enginge, open your falsh player
  4. change value to type- 4 bytes to Array to bytes
  5. scan 43 41 54 41 43 4F 4D 42


  6. slect all results and hit red cursor below it
  7. Ctrl A, right click it and change the value to ( map code is below)
  8. PLAY

Infinity Buster with Cheat EngineEdit

This hack will give you infinity buster all the way

Dungeon Rampage hack infinite buster 2013

Dungeon Rampage hack infinite buster 2013

HACKED: Battle Chef in ultimate rampage (prison) Edit

DR Legion - Battle Chef on Ultimate (Prison)

DR Legion - Battle Chef on Ultimate (Prison)