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Dragon Knight
Dragon Knight
The Dragon Knight once led the vanguard of a lost army of Dragon Riders. With her arsenal of spears, poleaxes and dragon artifacts, baddies will have a hard time keeping up!










1 000 000 Coins (hacked) or buy 150 gems or more.


I, The Dragon Knight once led the vanguard of a lost army of Dragon Riders. I will use my arsenal of spears and poleaxes to decapitate my enemies. I will use my dragon artifacts to buff my teammates in terms of attack, defense and walking speed. When there are crowds of enemies, all i have to do is to use my most powerful secret called Dragon Hatchlings so my four elemental dragons will assist me and kill my enemies. Dinglepus's Baddies are no match for my dragons.


Use your stats to use on melee attack,super speed,max health.

Following the recommended build at the bottom, a dragon knight's high attack speed with her melee weapons will wipe the floor with the mobs. At late game, the mana consuming combo attacks of the polearm and such will not make a difference, as at 66/75 super speed, the DPS is about the same by then. The dragon knight should be played aggressively, almost as the Pyromancer, but unlike the pyromancer which charges into the middle with no way out in order to blow the center of the mob up, it is recommended to tackle the edge of the mob, and retreat before attacking again. The Dragon Knight's high movement speed (on par with the Ghost Samurai and Ranger) makes it perfect for hit-and-run attacks. While boasting tremendous attack power especially when using the charge attack of the dashing spear, the Dragon Knight is more fragile than the other melee classes, although still tougher than most classes. The dashing spear's charge attack is a devastating 5 hit combo after rushing forward, and it usually kills even minibosses with one charge.

Snare spears are especially effective for ranged attacks, as they draw the enemy to you. I usually blast them with my dragon charm immediately after they have been forcefully gathered around you and stunned, for maximum gain of the buff. The charms work better the more mobs they hit, and I usually favour the charms that provide attack/movement speed. 

One noted weakness of this tactic is that the snare spears are suicidal at times, as you draw the enemies to you only to immediately get struck by them if you're not quick enough, or if your charm is on cooldown. Mana is not a concern at all, even with 0/75 mana, I hardly come across the problem of running dry.

Do not be shy to act as a full-time ranged attacker, the Dragon Knights range attack is just as effective as the melee, sometimes even better.


This information about stats of the Dragon Knight:

  • Melee Power which Increases Melee Damage.                                                                                                    
  • Super Speed which Increase Movement and Attack Speed.                                                                                             
  • Max Health which Increases Maximum Health.                                                                                                  
  • Max Mana which Increases Maximum Mana.

The most common and recommended build is and it helps you last longer in ultimate rampage:

  • Melee Power  75/75(MAXED)
  • Super Speed  75/75(MAXED)
  • Max Health 50/75(BALANCED)
  • Max Mana 0/75.(EMPTY)

Or you can go with this if you favor health over speed:

  • Melee Power 75/75(MAXED)
  • Super Speed 50/75(BALANCED)
  • Max Health 75/75(MAXED)
  • Max Mana 0/75(EMPTY)

Both are good, it's personal preference in the end.


These are videos about Dragon Knight

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Dungeon Rampage Lv 100 Dragonknight Legendary chest Gameplay


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