A player or four players knocked out.

Ways to prevent DefeatedEdit

Health Bombs Edit

Health Bombs is the first way to prevent defeated.You only got 99 Health Bombs to Store.Health Bombs can get or buy thru Gifts, Item Boxes, App Page, Daily Bonuses and Gems.

Instead of reviving yourself by using Health Bombs, it also damages enemies.

Party Health BombsEdit

Party Health Bombs is a new bomb that heal all players and damages enemies in near distance of a player.It also get this on  Gifts, Item Boxes, App Page, Daily Bonuses and Gems.


Shots are second way to prevent defeated.You also got 99 Shots to Store.Shots are Health Shots and Mana Shots.Mana Shots give 15 Mana Points for your Mana and Health Shots give 25% of your Health back.


The power-ups also to get way to prevent defeated.The Power-ups are Potions, Shrooms, -UPs, Ye Olde Explosive and Kegs.The Potions are only for you, Kegs are party or for every one in Potions when a player or players in a near distance.-UPs are the adding stats of your heroes.Ye Olde Explosive are bombs like your deadly bomb like a dangerous deaths.

Potions Section

There 3 Potions and Kegs.

Potions Kegs
Buster Potions Buster Kegs
Mana Potions Mana Kegs
Health Potions Health Kegs

Shrooms Section

Own Shroom Party Shroom
Strange Shroom Strange Party Shroom
Small Shroom Small Party Shroom
Strange-r Shroom

Strange-r Shrooms are rally Strange-r than the Strange Shrooms.Giant Enemies

-UPs Section

Own -UPs Party -UPs
Attack Speed-up Party Attack Speed-up
Attack Power-up Party Attack Power-up
Defense-up Party Defense-up
Move Speed-up Party Move Speed-up


What is your only way when you don't have any Bombs and Power-ups?. Food! 

Food is the source of the hero's health regeneration fast especially the Battle Chef.Food also use in traps.The Battle Chef use Meateor to damages enemies and give food.

Mana DrinksEdit

Mana Drinks also give hero's mana regeneration fast.The Mana Drinks also use in Traps.

Report to PlayersEdit

Some Players report about the chef.Why?

Because the chef spawn 14-20 HP Hamburger.Sometimes no cupcake spawn.Is the best way to heal heroes fast is a meateor each burger from meateor gives 299 + HP.The pot is a half worthless.When you in a side of the line of the dungeon, the food gets outside also the meateor.


When you are Defeated, there's something suspecious happen.Like:

# Bug Type

Playing alive with a countdown sign continue

2 Showing &rewards and &boss defeated

The Showing &rewards and &boss defeated is newest bug in Dungeon Rampage.Instead of losing round 1-15 in Ultimate Rampage.This will lose your chests and coins.Go at the App Page when you get this bug.Don't refresh or it will show again!