A weapon unique to the Vampire Hunter class, offering a ranged playstyle similar to the Ranger, yet unique.  Two bolts fire per click of these crossbows.  Each bolt can fire in a different direction making it easier to handle big

blitz crossbows

crowds at range.

Crossbow TypesEdit

Crossbows offer a variety of different Charge attack and speeds.

Dual CrossbowsEdit

The crossbow type most Vampire Hunters desire.  Mana use escalates similar to a Battle Chef's repeating knife swings.Target one direction.  Fast fire speed.

  • Dart Crossbows
  • Rapid Fire Crossbows
  • Repeater Crossbows

Repeating CrossbowsEdit

Similar to the Repeater Attack, but in a spread.  Very useful for crowd control.Target 80-180 degrees

  • Blast Crossbows
  • Burst Crossbows
  • Assault Crossbows

Heavy CrossbowsEdit

This is the slowest firing crossbow.The charging attack same like the charging attack by Seeker Crossbows

  • Cobra Crossbows
  • Rogue Crossbows
  • Stalker Crossbows

Seeker CrossbowsEdit

Bad tracking around terrain and may target destructibles. Best weapon for crossbows in Ultimate Rampage.Edit

  • Specter Hunter Crossbows
  • Witch Hunter Crossbows
  • Zombie Hunter Crossbows  Normal fire speed, low damage.

Tap and ChargeEdit

This is information about Tap and Charge on Crossbows

# Tap Charge Type
1 Tap to shoot crossbow bolts! Hold to fire faster and faster Dual Crossbows
2 Tap to shoot crossbow bolts! Hold to in a spread in front of you, faster and faster Repeater Crossbows
3 Tap to shoot crossbow bolts! Fires 5 Crossbow Bolts in rapid-fire succession while dashing away!  Great for escaping! Heavy Crossbows
4 Tap to shoot crossbow bolts! Fires a burst of 5 Seeker Bolts in a tight duster! Automatically seeks out nearby enemies and chases them! Seeker Crossbows

Legendary WeaponsEdit

This is the list of Legendary Crossbows.Each weapon has a name.

# Name Type
1 The Needler Dual Crossbows
2 Blitz Crossbows Repeater Crossbows
3 Apex Crossbows Seeker Crossbows
4 Twin Executioners Heavy Crossbows