One of the more unique weapons in the game, cooking items can offer many new playstyles. Healing, buffs and Debuffs are available through these.

Pot TypesEdit

Buff Cooking PotsEdit

The graphic for these appears as a yellow pot with an up arrow on the front.They can generate different 1-time buffs on the ground that any party member can pick up and make use of.


Buffs are randomly chosen like Loots.These are chances to get them:

  • Berserk:  Red stew, puts you in berserk similar to when a friendly Berserker uses his Buster on the team.
  • Speed Up:  Green stew, greatly increases movement speed similar to a speed scroll.
  • Defense Up:  Brown stew, signified by a shield icon above the player's head when active.


  • Power-up Stew Maker Pot

Poison Cooking PotsEdit

The graphic for these appears as a green pot with a skull on the front. When you use them, you will see a poisoned chicken / turkey.The poisoned chicken / turkey will disappear after the Poison Cooking Pot is ready.

  • Poison Chef Pot
  • Poison Curry Pot
  • Poison Stew Maker Pot
  • Grog the Poison

Food Cooking PotsEdit

The graphic for these appears as red pot with a plus sign (+) on the front.You and your team mates will eat all the foods when the foods are spawn.

  • Stew Maker Pot

Tap and HoldEdit

This is information about Tap and Hold on Cooking Pots.

# Tap Hold Type
1 Tap to cook a quick meal to restore health! N/A  Food Cooking Pot
2 Tap to cook a quick meal that buffs your hero! N/A Buff Cooking Pot
3 Tap to cook spoiled food that poisons enemies! N/A Poison Cooking Pot

All Pots don't have any Hold Attack.

Legendary WeaponsEdit

This is the list of Legendary Pots.Each weapon has a name.

# Name Type
1 Master Chef Pot Food Cooking Pot
2 Master Chef Buff Pot Buff Cookng Pot
3 Master Chef Poison Pot Poison Cooking Pot

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