Your adventure began with a Chest and will continue to be influenced by them during the entirety of your dungeon experience. So far you can be rewarded by getting these from a Chest:

Each type of chest requires the same type of key.

Chest Name Chest Description Key
Common Chest DR-CommonChest2 A common palace chest, containing common loot! Includes an common key. DR-CommonKey
Uncommon Chest DR-UncommonChest An uncommon palace chest, containing even better loot! Includes an uncommon key. DR-UncommonKey
Rare Chest DR RARE TR A rare palace chest, containing powerful loot! Includes a rare key to open it. DR RARE KEY SM
Legendary Chest DR LEGEND CHEST SM A legendary palace chest, containing the best of the best loot! Includes a legendary key to open it. DR LEGEND KEY SM
Small Item Box Small Item Box. A small item box, containing awesome Power-Ups! N/A
Royal Item Box Royal Item Box. A royal item box, containing even more awesome Power-Ups! N/A


(Chests and Keys)

Old Chest SystemEdit

Red Chest = Common Item

Blue Chest = Uncommon Item

Silver Chest = Rare Item around level 40+

Black Chest = Legendary Chest