Boosters are multipliers of Coins and Xp that last for one hour.

Importance of BoostersEdit

Boosters are important because you earn Coins faster and easier.You can level up and recruit heroes faster, but only for an hour!

Ways to get boostersEdit

1) The first way to get Boosters is by the Dungeon Rampage Fan Page. Did you play Dungeon Rampage at Kongregate or Visit Dungeon Rampage Fan Page in Facebook to see updates also free stuff bonuses.You can get stuffs once written on Fan Page.You can get Power-ups, Boosters and many more... Each free stuff promo can last a day.

2) Second Way to get Boosters is Item Box.Some players unlock some Item Box, Some there abandoned.Some players that abandoned that the Item Box contain Power-ups and sometimes Gems and Boosters.Item Box contain all items in Dungeon Rampage.You can unlock the Item Box only 750 Coins.If you want many power-up, many items, many boosters, just unlock Royal Item Box.Unlock the Royal Item Box by 5000 Coins.

3) Third way to get Boosters is Daily Bonus.You can play Daily Bonus every 5 hours.So in 12 hours you can play Daily Bonus 2 times and in one day you can play Daily Bonus 4 times.Daily Bonus contain anything just randomized.Chance when you got Health Bombs, Party Health Bombs, Gems, Keys also Boosters.

Dungeon Rampage Money List with BoostersEdit

These coin list when you use your Coin Boost while battling.

Coin Name X1 X2 X4 X10 Photo
1 coin 1 2 4 10 DR SINGLE COIN
5 coins 5 10 20 50 DR 5 COINS
Coin Bag 10 20 40 100 DR COINBAG
Gold Bar 25 50 100 250 DR BAR
Triple Gold Bar 100 200 400 1000 DR TRIPLEBARS

Boosters ListEdit

  • Gold Booster x2.
  • Gold Booster x4.
  • Gold Booster x10.
  • XP Booster x2.
  • XP Booster x4
  • XP Booster x10.